Spokane Polished Concrete Flooring

Concrete is the most commonly used building material in the world. From residential housing to commercial and industrial buildings, most contain a concrete floor. In the past floors were usually covered with linoleum, tile, carpet or other options. Weathertech Industries cleans, grinds, polishes and removes mastics from concrete floors. A polished concrete floor is durable, beautiful and an attractive solution to any building. In addition to polished concrete, we acid stain,  concrete dye, and install self leveling concrete overlays.


Durable and Long Lasting

Virtually maintenance free


  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Residential
  • Warehouse
  • Office

Spokane Fluid Applied Floors


Epoxy floor coatings are used typically used in commercial, industrial and residential applications. With a huge variety of colors, looks and designs an epoxy floor can be tailored to your specific needs and wants. From a metallic shine to a plain hard working gray, epoxy is the right choice for a great look.




Acrylic Flake

Acrylic flake floors can be used in offices, food prep, residential and commercial applications. Providing a unique custom look, flake floors are seen as trendy and beautiful.





Polyurea coatings are extremely versatile, strong and can be formulated to meet almost any application. The coating is applied through plural high heat specialized equipment and dries within 2-15 seconds. When a job requires a extremely fast turnaround and same or next day use, polyurea is the only way to go. Polyureas are used as bedliners, containment ponds, concrete repair, flooring and roofing and many more uses. With some versions exceeding 5000 psi and 1500%+ on elongation, there simply is not a project polyurea cant handle.

Extreme Durability

Fast Set

Incredible physical properties

Spokane Commercial and Industrial Concrete Floor Prep and Resurfacing


Grinding of existing concrete driveways, walkways, and slabs to remove the top layer of damaged concrete and expose the solid lower layer.

Less costly than removal and replacement.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Less landfill waste.

Shot Blasting

Shot blasting concrete is a fast easy economical way to prepare large amounts of concrete to any type surface profile desired for a variety of applications.

Fast & Economical

Excellent for Thicker Floor Coverings

Low Mess

Concrete Resurfacing

In some cases, a polymer modified cement based microtopping is used to “resurface” badly degrading concrete that is structurally sound. This is a cost effective alternative that is less costly than removal and replacement. It offers a fresh new look to your personal or commercial environment and can be used on interior or exterior floors and walls all while being suitable for foot or rubber tire traffic.

Revives old concrete

Freeze Thaw Resistant

Suitable for Foot and Rubber Tire Traffic